Josef Lorenzl Bronze



Josef Lorenzl born 1st September 1892 in Vienna, Austria.

Lorenzl started working as an artist and sculpture in a foundry in Vienna where he became a master in bronze casting and sculptures of some of the best figurines of the Art deco period.

From the foundry in Vienna he produced bronze and chryselephantine (bronze and ivory) sculptures, mainly in the female form. His sculptures where of beautiful young girls with slim long, elegant legs and arms. Most pieces at this time was signed “Enzl” or “Lor” Some of his figurines where painted by a friend Crejo with vibrant colors and floral design.

During the war Lorenzl worked with spelter and designed many figurines, most pieces were not signed. Some figurines where incorporated into clocks, lamps and lighters amongst other things. Lorenzl also made sculptures of dancing girls and naked young ladies with scarfs. Metal was becoming scares at this time so many sculptures turned from bronze to making sculptures in spelter.

Later in his career he move back Vienna where he met his long term buddy Dakon. They both worked for the Goldscheider in 1924 creating works of art in ceramic, including the famous bat lady and wall masks. On the 15th August 1950 Lorenzl pasted away. Josef Lorenzl bronze figurines are highly sought after. His pieces are in high demand and commend a high price.

For me Lorenzl is my favorite artist as is Dakon. His work captures the life and times of the Art Deco period and the symbolic form of a slender and elegant pose of the female body.