All the furniture on display is original and dates from the 1920’s 30’s and 40’s.


I have been restoring furniture for many years and collecting art deco furniture for much longer. When it comes to beautiful furniture and design nothing beats art deco period furniture. Lustrous veneers with its high gloss finish and symmetrical design.

NOW is the time to invest in Vintage furniture as it has never been as affordable as it is now. Why buy flat pack or MDF when you can buy a beautiful piece of furniture that is going to increase in value and not de-value. What’s more it is a whole lot nicer to look at and better constructed. “Well it must be it still here”.

Some of the Items for sale I have had to completely restore by stripping it back to the wood and matching veneers. While other pieces I have managed to just polish with Shellac.

With the cabinets I have added some additions by installing LED strip lights that creates mood lighting that will illuminate the cabinet in changeable colors and modes as well as lighting to display your objects you may have in the cabinet. The LED lights are not a permanent fixture and can be easily removed without causing damage to the unit and returning it back to how it was when originally built. Adds a wow factor and will complement any room in any house and will be the focal point for many discussions while making cocktails.

More reasons to buy

1743h_lWithout spending large sums of money we seem to have limited options to choice from when it comes to buying furniture. Flat pack and badly constructed furniture seems to be all that is available, even oak is not the real oak we used to know but green oak (Wood with high water content).

There are 3 good reasons to buy vintage or antique furniture

  1. Vintage and antique furniture has never been as cheap to buy as it is now. Great investment as the price will only increase
  2. It is better constructed and so much nicer to look at
  3. Friendlier to the environment


Please contact us for delivery.

Viewing by appointment only. All furniture purchased can be returned within 14 days if you are not completely satisfied. Any delivery or collection charges are not refundable.