Art Deco Figurines Chester

Here at Lorenzl, we offer the most beautiful Art Deco Figurines in Chester and throughout the UK. We have Art Deco peices from Chiparus, Lorenzl, Stephen Dakan, Le Verrier, Perrie Faguays, Claire Colinet and many more artists.

We only collect and sell Spelter, Bronze and Ivory and Bronze also known as “chryselephantine”.

Spelter is a cheaper metal made up of several metals including copper, zinc, lead etc also know as white metal because underneath the enamel paint or patina it is white. Artists started using these metals as a replacement for bronze as it cheaper and was more affordable for the general public. Spelter figures range from £100 to £2500.

Bronze and Chryselephantine figurines are a lot more expensive and the detail in the work is more defined. Bronze figurines can range from £1000 to £10,000 and in some case £100,000’s.

For Art Deco Figurines Chester, contact us today.