Welcome to Lorenzl

Welcome to Lorenzl. One of the foremost websites in the UK for collectors of Art Deco furniture and figurines. The Art Deco era encompasses the most vibrant sculptures of the art world as well as the most elegant and symmetrical designs in furniture.

The web site was named after one of the most recognized and talented sculptors of the early 1900’s. Personally my favorite sculptor.

The figurines in the collection are made from bronze and spelter and include well know sculptors of the period such as Chiparus, Lorenzl, Stephen Dakan, Le Verrier, Perrie Faguays, and Claire Colinet. Lamps and clocks from the Art Deco period are also available to purchase.

The majority of the furniture for sale has been lovingly restored to its former glory using traditional French polishing techniques and polished to give that deep lustrous shine. We have a collection ranging from dining room tables to bedroom furniture and cocktail cabinets.

All the items you see on display are original. We do not have reproductions or copies.

Please enjoy your time browsing through the collection of figurines and furniture we have on offer. If you require any further information on any of the items for sale please do not hesitate to contact us.